We would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Renee and Yang Laoshi for being such wonderful teachers to our twin boys, Charlie and Henry.

Both teachers have made our two boys’ time at Alphabet Playhouse really enjoyable. Thanks to the teachers, the boys were introduced to music and art, both of which are strong interests of our kids today. And at times, when they were crying when entering school, Yang Laoshi was concerned and found ways to empathise with them and calm them down.

Thanks to Miss Lily as well – she has showered our boys with so much love and we’re incredibly grateful to her.

Lastly, Miss Zhen has been great at coordinating and managing everything else!


We would like to thank you and all the staff at Alphabet Playhouse East Coast for taking good care of our daughter Christina during her two years there.
Christina enjoyed her time there.

We would like to thank Ms. D who was her favourite teacher for her kindness and love that she showed Christina.

We would also like to thanks Liu Lao Shi and all other Lao Shi as well for teaching Chinese to Christina… we would probably let her continue to learn Chinese all the way because she has picked up the language so well.

A special thanks to the Principal (Ms Liang) for monitoring her and also giving us the flexibility to sometimes send her full day when we needed. That was really helpful.

Also thank you to Ms Susie for all her administrative help.

Thank you all for all your hard work in making the experience seamless and enjoyable. We were very touched by the card made by you all… we will treasure it.


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for taking such good care of Arya and Ryder throughout their journey in Alphabet Playhouse at East Coast! It has been an amazing journey for the kids and we really appreciate all the hard work and effort you have put in, in ensuring they thrive in their education!

Please extend our gratitude to all the other teachers and also to Ms Chrissie for getting Arya a gift yesterday.

We wish you and Alphabet Playhouse all the very best and please do stay in touch!

testimonial 3

Dear Miss Sharon,

I’m very grateful for everything to you. Kenichiro enjoyed the school so much. He has been talking about his teachers and friends every time, and looking forward to go to school every day. And I’m deeply impressed that he improved so much in many many kinds of things over the last year, making lots of friends, speaking and writing English and Chinese well although he had been able to speak only Japanese till then, enjoying dancing with others and so on. Now he looks so much more confident than before! And the concert was marvelous! You, teachers and children must be making extraordinary efforts.

Kenichiro and I feel sad that we’re going back to our home country. We’ll never forget the time with you.

Thank you very much, and please take care of yourself.


As our oldest child graduates from Alphabet Playhouse this month Nov 2015, we are so happy when we think back to all the moments that have helped shape his learning and our family’s experience in Singapore. I flip thru the pictures of the past 5 years and they are filled with incredible memories that have Alphabet Playhouse at the center. From the Singapore National Day celebrations, to all the birthdays we celebrated at the school, to the tremendous year end concerts. The friendships that we created with the other parents as well as our children’s friendships with other students will be lifelong friendships.

None of this could have been possible if not for all the teachers who care very deeply for every student and of course the leadership and compassion of the school principal Miss Sharon Wan. They are all very kind, flexible and open about how our children are doing at school. We wanted a school that would allow us to be around and make the most of the precious pre-school time. We were very lucky to find Alphabet Playhouse which became a big part of our family.

As our oldest child graduates from Alphabet Playhouse this month, we will be very emotional that this important chapter in his life is coming to an end. But, we are excited in anticipation for the experiences to come and the learning that will shape and grow our other two children.


Rose joined Alphabet Playhouse in the Toddler class in September 2014. The teachers and principal were brilliant at helping her to settle in and were very caring. Rose adores going to school, she has lots of fun, enjoys singing and dancing and playing with her friends. She has learnt a lot and is now very good at Chinese. She absolutely loves her teachers (especially Miss Fe & Principal Sharon) and thoroughly enjoys going to school.

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