Pre-Nursery / Nursery 1

At this stage of development, the children are full of curiosity, and are keen to explore their environment, interact with the world around them and meet people.

Our structured programmes for Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 children include daily routines which help enhance their learning through a Growth Mindset, develop self-confidence, communication and social skills, as well as promote self-control and regulation of emotions. As children become familiar with the routines, they are able to participate to the best of their abilities, and enjoy the fun activities lined up each day.

Striking a nice balance between routines and flexibility is key to ensure each child’s needs are met and everyone is able to grow and benefit optimally from our programmes and return home happy every day!

Let’s experience a fun and enriching day at
Alphabet Playhouse!

7.30am – 8.30am


Every child will be welcomed to a familiar place where he/she finds trust and comfort in. Daily routine health checks for early symptoms are also good bonding times for the little ones with the teachers.

8.30am – 9.00am

Warm Welcome

Friendly morning welcomes with smiles and hugs from teachers and friends are important in the development of the child’s social and emotional wellbeing.

9.00am – 9.30am

Rise and Shine Breakfast

Balanced and nutritious breakfast meals are always a favourite with the children. A time for them to enjoy their first meal of the day with their friends.

9.30am – 9.50am

Outdoor Exploration – Ready, Set, Grow!

Sand and Water play promotes sensorial exploration of the environment.

Our unique Sports curriculum allows the children to try different sports, such as baseball, tennis and hockey, as they acquire related skills and learn about teamwork.

9.50am – 10.20am

World Explorer / Language & Literacy

The child is encouraged to be creative and explore different ways to see the things in the environment. Creative art and cookery experience are just some of our appropriate hands-on activities that allow children to play and create. This way supports self -discovery of their feelings and emotions.

Amazing Science activities like colour tie dye or see colours expand using shaving cream are some exploration that our children use to feed their curiousity.

Vocabulary building through objects that children can relate in daily life allows them to have full confidence to communicate their little voice to others. This builds up confidence in the children when interacting with the world.

10.20am – 10.40am

Math Whiz

Using sand to measure heavy or light , water play to see objects float or sink are designed to allow our little interesting minds to explore independently or with their friends.

10.40am – 11.00am

Little Lotus

Stories and songs are broadly combined to promote effective learning of this language. In addition, Cajon Drum, a powerful box drum is also used to make learning of the Chinese language easy and fun.

11.00am – 11.30am

Routine Time

Preparation like wash up time for lunch is very important to promote self- help skills in young children. It is also a good time to install good hygiene practices in them.

11.30am – 12.00pm

Lunch Time

With a structured schedule, our children will always look forward to a balanced and nutritious meal with their peers, specially prepared by our in-house chef.

Even the child with a fussiest taste bud will be enticed with one of our all-time favourite – meat braised with potato on fragrance brown rice!

12.00pm – 12.20pm


Our story box, filled with age-appropriate audio story books, is open for children to choose their favorite story and songs to enjoy with their friends. Action packed stories are usually the most popular and sought-after by the children.
12.20pm – 2.30pm

Rest Time

It is time to rest and relax after a morning of fun-filled activities. On a cosy mattress and with the air-conditioner on, quiet time is important to calm the little minds.
2.30pm – 3.00pm

Music & Movement

All-time favourite song books are very popular with the young children as they sing along and dance to the characters in the books.

3.00pm – 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea

Delicious cakes baked in-house for afternoon tea is another shout-out for the children. At times, chocolate twirl is added to the surprise of the little ones!
3.30pm – 4.00pm

Show and Tell

Children at this young age are encouraged to express their thoughts and also to share their feelings, especially things that they like! Teddy bears, toy cars, dolls are often the popular topics that children bring to Show and Tell.

4.00pm onwards


As the day draws to an end and children start to depart, their eagerness to return tomorrow is ensured after a long day of excitement. For children who stay on after 4.00pm, light directed activities are planned to engage them as they await pick-up by their parents.

Quality Care by Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are qualified and well-trained, having clocked over 190 hours of training under our proprietary in-house Rosette Teacher Growth Model, and boasting of many years of experience in caring for young children!

Award-winning Curriculum

Children at Alphabet Playhouse benefit from an established bilingual curriculum model which provides integrated learning and nurtures a Growth Mindset from a young age. This multi-disciplinary learning model has been voted as Singapore's Best Integrated Learning Programme, and is a key reason behind high parent satisfaction levels since 1995!

Diversity and Affordability

We embrace diversity and our teaching approaches have been extremely popular with parents/children from over 15 countries, including US, France, Germany, UK, India, Japan, Korea and Australia! This allows children to have an international preschool experience at affordable prices!

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