Creative Expression

The World Is My Stage

Dancing is an interesting form of expression for children as they move, jump and turn to the beat of any music. Alphabet Playhouse provides children with a dance floor, music and an enthusiastic teacher to liven up the atmosphere as they shake to different beats!

My Little Chef

Junior master chefs in the making! Here at Alphabet Playhouse, we provide the safest environment and recipes for your child to cook up a variety of innovative and delicious meals!

Language & Literacy

Expressing Through Crafts (Craft work)

Children can create wonders as they can see the world in a different light. Here at Alphabet Playhouse, we do not limit that creativity and instead encourage them to express themselves freely through different sessions of craft work. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a child can create with his/her fullest imagination.


Alphabet Playhouse provides a series of interesting enrichment classes like abacus, targeted at improving every child’s numeracy tactics. Your child will hence be ever ready to explore even more numbers and apply it to his/her everyday life. With play-based lessons, learning about numbers can become an interesting and enjoyable quest!

3rd Language By Native Teachers: Japanese

Being multi-lingual, a child will be able to boost his or her cognitive development and can communicate with a wider spectrum of people. With our native Japanese teachers, you can rest assured that your child will be picking up basic Japanese in a very short period of time.

Motor Skills Development


With the guidance of our dedicated mentors, this fun and healthy sport can strengthen your child’s muscles and improve their sense of balance and coordination.

Sand Play

Sand play boosts the creativity of every child, stretching their imagination as they mould the perfect sculpture of their dreams. It promotes hand and eye coordination, as well as teamwork, when children communicate among themselves about what they are going to build.

Water Play

A refreshing activity perfect for the warm weather, water play allows children to explore a whole new level of sensory experiences. Who says fun and exercise cannot go together?


Not only does this sport promote fitness and agility, it also hones the social skills of children as they learn to play and work together in different teams.


This exciting sport can trigger a child’s innate need for adventure as they manoeuvre on tricky skates, grasping and learning the techniques of balance and movement with the help of enthusiastic and encouraging teachers.

Outdoor Play

The large outdoor area of Alphabet Playhouse provides the perfect site for adventure and discovery as children utilize their mental and physical coordination to make their way through countless of our outdoor playgrounds

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