Our Brand Story

Enter the gates of the Alphabet Castle.

Within these walls, confident young explorers will unearth rare gems of knowledge and discover a dazzling treasure of fun and friendship.

Together, they will go through quests with sports, numbers and words. Wise mentors will light the path of each young explorer, instilling in them the Growth Mindset and helping them unlock mysteries that they will encounter along the way.

Going beyond the edges of book learning, we take their hand as they embark on an amazing growth journey!

At the Alphabet Castle, adventure is just the beginning.

Our Vision

To be a castle where quests unfold and adventures begin.

Our Mission

To uncover every child’s greatest potential through fun and adventurous learning.

Our Awards

Alphabet Playhouse voted as Best Integrated Learning Programme

We are proud to announce that for the 2nd year in a row, Alphabet Playhouse has been voted the winner of the “Best Integrated Learning Programme” in the annual Parents World Best Preschool Awards 2023/24!

Established since 2003, Parents World is a leading Parenting and Lifestyle Magazine in Singapore. The judges liked the unique programmes and curriculum model at Alphabet Playhouse, and the strong track record of the schools in ensuring high parent satisfaction levels since 1995.

Alphabet Playhouse’s bilingual integrated programme aims to cultivate curious thinkers, resilient champions and caring citizens. As such, it is befitting that Alphabet Playhouse wins this coveted award for developing confident young explorers with a “Growth Mindset”.

This mindset is ever more relevant in today’s VUCA world, and helps foster resilience and adaptability, which are traits that can give young children an edge in the future. Best of all, this mindset is instilled and reinforced in every child at Alphabet Playhouse, through the array of fun and exciting activities!

Signature programmes include the World Adventurer bilingual integrated programme, which allows the children to explore the world in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects and stories, math games, music and creative arts. Other programmes include the Ready, Set, Grow! outdoor programme, which helps children learn fundamental skills of eight popular sports played within age-appropriate groups, and develop valuable traits such as teamwork, resilience and a mindset that always embraces challenges.

Our School Song

Since we’ve come to this school, we’ve become its part, stand together hand in hand, heart to heart.
We’re like stars – small and bright, shining from the sky, we are friends, we are family – you and I.
Alphabet Playhouse is the place where you always see my smiling face.
Alphabet Playhouse – You should know – is the best school for us to learn and grow.
Alphabet Playhouse is my home, nice and sweet where I won’t be alone.
Alphabet Playhouse will always be, best and warmest memory for me.

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