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With great explorers, we need great mentors!

Do you love working with children and are passionate in guiding them as they take their first steps into the amazing world of adventure, puzzles and friendships? Be an Alphabet Playhouse preschool educator that nurtures the Confident Explorer!

About Alphabet Playhouse

A trusted premium preschool with over 25 years of experience, Alphabet Playhouse seeks to uncover every child’s potential through the cultivation of a “Growth Mindset”. Aided by its unique World AdventurerTM bilingual integrated programme which incorporates sports, music, and creative arts, as well as top-of-the-line facilities, Alphabet Playhouse ensures top-notch education that cultivates a curious thinker, a resilient champion and a caring citizen.

A Fulfilling and Rewarding Career Awaits!

Body and Mind

At Alphabet Playhouse, we value your
holistic well-being. Staff can look forward to comprehensive health insurance, medical and dental coverage alongside wellness rewards when they stay fit and healthy!
You’ll also get to enjoy healthy meals at our centres every day to nourish you for the exciting school day ahead!

Family Matters

We know that your family is important and we value the needs of your family too. From marriage leave, maternity leave to childcare leave, you’ll have numerous paid leave benefits to take care of your family. Furthermore, enjoy attractive staff discounts when you send your own children to one of Alphabet Playhouse preschools!

Professional Growth

At Alphabet Playhouse, we’re excited to support your career aspirations! With our comprehensive RosetteTM Teacher Growth Model, our staff undergo over 190 hours of extensive training and enjoy structured career progression pathways. We also help staff further their studies with our financial assistance programmes!

Collaborative Culture

Teamwork makes the dream work! Alphabet Playhouse values collaboration and fosters positive working environments through annual retreats and staff bonding events. You’ll get to know your colleagues better and work together well!

RosetteTM Teacher Growth Model

Early childhood educators can look forward to a comprehensive RosetteTM  teacher growth model at Alphabet Playhouse where clear progression pathways are mapped out, alongside annual training to boost their knowledge and skills in the early childhood industry.

At Alphabet Playhouse, teaching is not the mere act of imparting knowledge. It is about understanding and embracing that every child is different in the way they learn. It is about fostering relationships and having a special bond with every child. It is about inspiring curiosity and empowering young children to believe that they can achieve so much more than they can ever imagine.

If you love being around children, love exploring the adventurous outdoors with them and enjoy seeing their eyes sparkle when they learn new things, then you may just be who we are looking for!

Join Alphabet Playhouse today!

At Alphabet Playhouse, we are dedicated towards our mission of nurturing the Confident Explorer. We are always on the lookout for highly passionate and energetic early childhood teachers and principals who believe in our dream and possess a burning desire to shape the next generation of young leaders.

Grow with us to develop your talents and chase your passions! Career advancement opportunities abound, both at Alphabet Playhouse & also other brands in the Global EduHub family.

If you want to get in touch with our HR team, please write to [email protected]

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