Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy

Building strong foundations in languages and numbers!
At Alphabet Playhouse, we recognise the importance of inter-disciplinary learning to promote critical thinking and increase the relevance of topics learnt during lessons. That is why our signature phonics, literacy and mathematics programmes like “Math Whiz” help in developing your child’s reading and writing skills, as well as mathematical concepts like counting, addition and subtraction. For each of these programmes, a multi-faceted approach is taken: In our signature literacy programmes, there are reading-based approaches, as well as a phonetics-based approach, where mathematics is incorporated into the content being read. For our signature mathematics programme, interactive mathematics activities and games also require reading and writing in English to be completed. Our teachers focus on encouraging learning through play, and the children are encouraged to ask and answer questions posed to them.

Reading, Decoding & Blending

Reading is a key foundational skill needed for all subjects! Children enjoy being in a world of stories and also learn how to decode and blend, which allow them to pronounce the words thereafter.

Writing Skills

Writing allows the young children to express their thoughts in words, a useful skill that is critical for their future academic journey and also an outlet to manage their emotional needs.

Mathematical Skills through Concepts

Four Cs strategy used to teach Mathematics to children - Converse, Count, Compare and Categorize. These help children acquire and learn about key mathematical concepts from a young age, and set them up for life!

growth mindset

Because anything is possible with effort!

world adventurer

Exploring the world just got more interesting!

Ready ,set, grow

Active learning through Sports!

little lotus

Growing a love for the Chinese language!

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