World Adventurer

World Adventurer

Exploring the world just got more interesting!
Our signature World Adventurer curriculum is a bilingual integrated programme where children explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects and stories. With this proprietary approach, children are able to see how the various things in their lives are all interconnected and come together to create something new. This widens their worldview, while also developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Children become more aware of their surroundings, and will become faster in drawing connections between the experiences that he or she has to come to his or her own unique conclusions.

Scientific Exploration

Nurturing budding little Scientists, eager to explore the 3 Ws around each discovery - Why it happened? When it happened? Where it happened?

Real-World Learning

Creating fun learning experiences for children to learn about the real world in a multi-disciplinary fashion, and appreciate how the environment brings everyone together.

Intercultural Appreciation

Making friendships, having meaningful interactions, and enabling children to learn about the world around them, alongside the unique characteristics of various cultures.

growth mindset

Because anything is possible with effort!

Ready ,set, grow

Active learning through Sports!

little lotus

Growing a love for the Chinese language!

Literacy and numeracy

Building strong foundations in languages and numbers!

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