An Amazing Growth Journey Awaits
To uncover every child's greatest potential through fun and adventurous learning
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An Amazing Growth Journey Awaits
To uncover every child's greatest potential through fun and adventurous learning
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“Enter the gates of the Alphabet Castle”

Embark on An Amazing Growth Journey at Alphabet Playhouse!

A trusted premium preschool with over 25 years of experience, Alphabet Playhouse seeks to uncover every child’s potential through the cultivation of a “Growth Mindset”. Aided by its unique World AdventurerTM bilingual integrated programme which incorporates sports, music, and creative arts, as well as top-of-the-line facilities, Alphabet Playhouse ensures top-notch education that cultivates a curious thinker, a resilient champion and a caring citizen.

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growth mindset

Because anything is possible with effort!

world adventurer

Exploring the world just got more interesting!

Ready, set, grow

Active learning through Sports!

little lotus

Growing a love for the Chinese language!

Literacy and numeracy

Building strong foundations in languages and numbers!


Why Choose Alphabet Playhouse

All my 3 boys attend Alphabet Playhouse. The boys “grew up” with Alphabet over the last 8.5 years and have made so many fond memories. They loved the learning experience, teachers , friends and the environment. It was a difficult decision for us to switch our youngest boy out as we moved house, and it was difficult for us to find another childcare that provided so much care and support for the children and parents , or a huge playground for the kids to run about safely and play every morning. On top of that, water play was an activity that the kids really looked forward to ❤️

In terms of curriculum, my 2 older boys transited to primary school with ease as they were well prepared in terms of their Chinese, English and Mathematics foundation. When my boys displayed concerning behaviors, teachers would inform us and we could work together to help the boys realize their mistakes and learn from what happened.

All in all, we are thankful to the Principal Ms Zhen, all the teachers especially Liu Laoshi, Auntie Lee Lee for taking such good care of our boys. We will miss everyone dearly at Alphabet Playhouse ❤️

Kenneth Tan
Parent of Kaeden, Keagen, Kyler

As our oldest child graduates from Alphabet Playhouse, we are so happy when we think back to all the moments that have helped shape his learning and our family’s experience in Singapore. I flip through the pictures of the past 5 years and they are filled with incredible memories that have Alphabet Playhouse at the center. From the Singapore National Day celebrations, to all the birthdays we celebrated at the school, to the tremendous year end concerts. The friendships that we created with the other parents as well as our children’s friendships with other students will be lifelong friendships.

None of this could have been possible if not for all the teachers who care very deeply for every student and of course the leadership and compassion of the school principal. They are all very kind, flexible and open about how our children are doing at school. We wanted a school that would allow us to be around and make the most of the precious pre-school time. We were very lucky to find Alphabet Playhouse which became a big part of our family.

Steve Repasky

Rose joined Alphabet Playhouse in the Toddler class. The teachers and principal were brilliant at helping her to settle in and were very caring. Rose adores going to school, she has lots of fun, enjoys singing and dancing and playing with her friends. She has learnt a lot and is now very good at Chinese. She absolutely loves her teachers and thoroughly enjoys going to school.

Suzzane Spells
Parent Of Rose

We’ve enjoyed being parents of an Alphabet Playhouse child. Antara loves going to school and misses her teachers when she’s home during the weekend or when she’s unwell. We love the campus for its natural environment, and the play equipment and sand pit; Antara particularly loves relay sports and water play. Her teachers provided an exceptional introduction to the school environment when she joined, and they help her develop confidence and independence while ensuring resolution of any fears and shortfalls. The school has also honed Antara’s social and speech skills significantly. We also love the way Alphabet Playhouse celebrates festivals and how closely they monitor all aspects of behaviour. Antara loves the cajon, which the school uses as a key in helping teach music and Chinese. We’d recommend the preschool for its strong focus on personal development and outdoor activities.

Shreya Kapdi And Vimal Venkatram
Parents Of Antara

We like the cultural diversity as students come from not just Singapore but all over the world, so it is a good environment for our children to make friends of various nationalities and learn more about their cultures. The teachers are very kind and respond promptly and flexibly to the children’s wants and needs, so our children look forward to going to school every day. Our children are taught English and Chinese songs and often perform them at home. The curriculum also offers them a chance to challenge themselves through various activities – everything from soccer to baton twirling. This allows them to train their dexterity and enjoy trying new things. Japanese students can also attend Japanese lessons, learning about seasonal events and traditional customs through songs and picture books. It’s good that they get to learn about their country; and experiencing it with their friends also makes it special and enjoyable.

Koji And Yuko Yamamoto
Parents Of Anne And Ryosei

Our girls have thrived at Alphabet Playhouse. Relocating from Australia, it’s been a great experience for them to be immersed in a bilingual environment. They’ve taken to the diverse mix of English and Chinese languages, science, reading and mathematics, all coupled with play. It’s a thrill to see the girls enjoy their preschool life, frequently sharing new songs, dance, sporting skills and academic practice each week. We’re blown away with how much they’ve developed during their time at Alphabet, including their continued enthusiasm for learning.

Lauren And Matt Stapleton
Parents Of Olivia And Poppy

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