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Explore our top-of-the-line facilities at our Somerset centre, and discover our top-notch preschool curriculum today!

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Registration Promotion @ East Coast Centre

Dream Big, Love, Explore and Grow at Alphabet Playhouse today! Register your interest to attend a Virtual School Tour of our East Coast centre and enjoy our Exclusive Enrolment Promotions worth over $1,300.
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About Us

Alphabet Playhouse is where adventure and discovery take flight.

We believe that a child’s imagination is boundless, just like his or her expedition for new knowledge and experiences. This is why Alphabet Playhouse focuses on bringing out your child’s greatest potential through our proprietary bilingual integrated programme, World AdventurerTM, aimed at nurturing a curious thinker, a resilient champion and a caring citizen.

The world is like a magical castle to a child, with surprises and mysteries waiting to be unravelled. Every corner lies an unpredictable journey and at every turn, a new adventure. Within the enchanting walls of the Alphabet castle, the quest of unveiling knowledge is an exciting daily phenomenon. We take pride in fusing the learning processes of children with their desire to play, equipping them with the Growth Mindset, and formulating the perfect adventure that is safe, enriching and enjoyable.

Going beyond the edges of book learning, we take children’s hands as they embark on an amazing growth journey!

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Star Literacy

Our Star LiteracyTM programme involves two major parts, a literature-based component to help children learn the language in an authentic way and to develop a love for reading, and a phonics-based component which focuses on listening and speaking international standard English.

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Math Whiz

In our Math WhizTM programme, mathematical concepts are taught through games and activities. The lessons are carefully designed to help children grasp concepts through activities and games. Mathematics and language are inevitably closely linked and these are also incorporated into the lessons.

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Little Lotus

Our Little LotusTM programme makes Mandarin lessons fun and exciting for every child. Lessons are activity-based with lots of movement and songs. Art and music is incorporated into the programme, making it fun, while introducing foundation words such as colours, shapes and songs that children can apply to their daily lives. We aim to make children develop a love and appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

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Ready, Set, Grow!

Our Ready, Set, Grow!TM programme covers eight popular sports namely soccer, basketball, tennis, floorball, badminton, baseball, running and golf. Children learn the fundamental skills of playing the sport through progressive and fun activities designed for each age level, while also inculcating valuable traits like teamwork, resilience and the Growth Mindset.

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News Highlights

Exclusive Enrolment Promotions

29 April 2022

At Alphabet Playhouse, we offer an innovative and inspiring preschool programmes and the core pedagogy of our curriculum is based on the well-known ...

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Teachers’ Day Appreciation 2021

11 August 2021

Wearing a cape and emulating the heroes we admire when we were younger, is something most of us have done. But must superheroes be dressed in a fancy ...

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