Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are several frequently asked questions by parents

At Alphabet Playhouse, we offer an award-winning curriculum which has been recently voted as Singapore’s Best Integrated Learning Programme. One of our key programmes is centered on the “Growth Mindset”, a globally renowned pedagogy developed at Stanford University, which believes an individual’s intelligence and talent can be developed with practice and effort.

Our range of signature programmes for preschoolers allows us to bring each child on an amazing growth journey during their early years, where they are exposed to different sports, acquire fluency in languages, obtain a grasp of key math or science concepts, and develop social skills while having lots of fun with their friends! Our curriculum also balances outdoor and indoor activities, which allows children to explore learning no matter where they are. Children are encouraged to always ask questions when in doubt, and our teachers are always be there to facilitate their learning.

We provide a bilingual curriculum with English and Mandarin as the main languages. At our Somerset preschool, Japanese is also offered.

Yes, most certainly. Alphabet Playhouse has ample outdoor spaces within our school compounds, so children are able to have outdoor play on a daily basis. Children usually have a minimum of one hour outdoors every day, playing with the provided climbing equipment, doing bicycle play, water play, or sand play. Our water play facility includes a rain shower, squirt bottles and more to keep your child engaged, while our sand play facility allows your child’s imagination to run wild in sandcastle creation, as well as learning some mathematical concepts.

Children at our preschools are treated to a mix of international and local cuisines, which vary depending on the day and week. On a daily basis, 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea) are offered. Vegetarian and special meals (e.g. egg-free, dairy-free, etc.) can also be prepared upon request. The teachers will make use of mealtime to encourage children to be more independent. Under the guidance of our teachers, your child will be taught how to use their utensils to eat, as well as the importance of not wasting food.

For the two days of school, we usually arrange for your child to attend lessons for a short period of 1 to 2 hours, with extra attention being paid to them. This is to ensure that he or she can adapt to the teachers and the environment of the school which is new to them. With such an arrangement, your child will find themselves naturally easing into this transition, and will be more eager to attend school the next day. Thereafter, depending on how well your child adapts, our teachers will work with you to determine a personalized schedule for your child to become comfortable attending school daily.

Close communication with parents is extremely important to us, and several communication platforms are available. For example, photographs of a new child engaging in daily activities are sent to parents during the first few weeks at school. After a child has settled down, photographs and videos of children going on excursions, engaging in indoor and outdoor activities, etc. are also shared regularly via our mobile app. Through conversations with our friendly teachers, parents are also encouraged to share more about their child’s behaviour at home, so we can cater better to each child’s needs and development.

We have students from close to 20 countries, including USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, India, China and Russia. Being exposed to various cultures and nationalities allows children to appreciate different cultures and traditions, thereby become a global citizen who is able to communicate well in all socio-cultural settings.

There are existing school bus services at our Somerset preschool, provided through an external provider, and the rates vary according to distance. For our East Coast preschool, school bus services may also be provided in future if there is demand for such a service.

We have a team of passionate and nurturing teachers, who all have at least a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Many of them come with years of experience in child development and are able to help children develop key skills, attitudes and habits to help them reach their potential.

Our teachers also undergo over 190 hours of in-house training via our “Rosette” Teacher Growth Model, which provides professional guidance and coaching in their journeys to become exceptional educators and teachers!

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