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Teachers’ Day Appreciation Wall 2023

August 14, 2023

On this special day dedicated to teachers, please know that their efforts are valued and greatly cherished. Their passion, and unwavering support ignite the flames of curiosity and knowledge in every student’s heart. Here’s to all the wonderful teachers and the impact they make in the lives ones of the students in Alphabet Playhouse!

Your kind words mean the world to them!

To show appreciation and applaud our teachers for their dedication, we would like to invite you to share your words of encouragement! We welcome photographs and video snippets too!


To enter your messages, click the “+” icon on the bottom right hand side of the padlet screen.

Please include the following:  your child’s name, your name, the name of the teacher(s) you would like to show appreciation to and the centre which your child is currently enrolled in.


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