Our Brand Story

Enter the gates of the Alphabet Castle.

Within these walls, confident young explorers will unearth rare gems of knowledge and discover a dazzling treasure of fun and friendship.

Together, they will go through quests with sports, numbers and words. Wise mentors will light the path of each young explorer, instilling in them the Growth Mindset and helping them unlock mysteries that they will encounter along the way.

Going beyond the edges of book learning, we take their hand as they embark on an amazing growth journey!

At the Alphabet Castle, adventure is just the beginning.


Our Vision

To be a castle where quests unfold
and adventures begin.

Our Mission

To uncover every child’s greatest potential through
fun and adventurous learning.

Curriculum Outline

World Adventurer

Alphabet Playhouse’s bilingual Integrated Programme, World AdventurerTM, allows children to explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects and stories, alongside numerous signature programmes!

Language & Literacy

Our Star LiteracyTM programme involves a literature-based component to help children learn the language in an authentic way and to develop a love for reading, and a phonics-based component which focuses on listening and speaking international standard English.

Learning Mandarin is fun and exciting as art and music is incorporated in our Little LotusTM programme. Lessons are activity based with lots of movement and songs. We aim to make children develop a love and appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

In our Math WhizTM programme, mathematical concepts are taught through games and activities. The lessons are carefully designed to help children grasp concepts through activities and games.

Motor Skills Development

Our Ready, Set, Grow!TM programme covers eight popular sports namely soccer, basketball, tennis, floorball, badminton, baseball, running and golf. Children learn the fundamental skills of playing the sport through progressive and fun activities designed for each age level, while also inculcating valuable traits like teamwork, resilience and the Growth Mindset.

Our School Song

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