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Alphabet Playhouse @ East Coast – Open For Registration

12 May 2021

Do you believe that children can learn and develop their abilities by putting in the effort? Is your child open to asking questions and learning from others even though that means admitting that they do not know something? Is your child inspired by t...

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Visit Alphabet Playhouse @ Somerset Today!

11 May 2021

Every child possesses his or her distinct set of potential. While some excel academically, others may do well in sports, music, or the arts. Children, from an early age, start displaying the signs of their potential in the form of interests, preferen...

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Encouraging Positive Behaviours in Children

2 March 2021

Ever wondered how is it possible for a friend’s child to eat quietly or behave appropriately in social situations? Wished that your child could exhibit more positive behaviours in the classrooms or at home? At Alphabet Playhouse, our preschool t...

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Revamped Professional Development Programme

22 December 2020

Alphabet Playhouse Launches Revamped Professional Development Programme for its Preschool Teachers

Alphabet Playhouse’s Rosette Programme seeks to map out clear career progression pathways and boost the knowledge ...

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10 Benefits of Play for Children

6 February 2020

It’s been said that play is the work of children. It’s so important that the United Nations has listed it as one of the basic rights of every child. Play is critical for children's development because it provides time and space for them to explor...

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How to Care for Your Child’s Cold and Flu?

5 February 2020

The flu season in Singapore is upon us and it tends to occur during the cooler months from May to July, and from December to February. Flu or influenza is caused by viruses that infect the nose, throat or sinuses and cause the inflammation of mucus m...

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Learning Chinese Made Fun with Cajon Drums

16 December 2019

The Chinese language is now considered as one of the most important languages to master. In a world where the largest multi-national corporations and employers are Chinese, having Chinese literacy capabilities will certainly give your child the poten...

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Play and Learning: Need they be two different things?

9 February 2017

Many parents today face the challenge of raising critical and creative thinkers, all whilst maintaining a healthy work-play balance.

However, given today’s increased emphasis on a...

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