Enrolment Promotions

Enrolment Promotions

31 October 2021

Did you know that adopting a growth mindset is essential and critical for young children? Preschoolers with a growth mindset continuously look to improve themselves as they understand that knowledge can be acquired and intelligence can be developed!

At Alphabet Playhouse, children get to explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects and stories, alongside numerous signature programmes that cultivate curious thinkers, resilient champions, and caring citizens!

Find out how we can cultivate the growth mindset, build the right knowledge, and impart essential skills to prepare your child for school and for life! Register your interest to attend a 30-minute WhatsApp Video School Tour and enjoy our Exclusive Enrolment Promotions*.

Exclusive Enrolment Promotions

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Alphabet Playhouse @ Somerset

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    Why Alphabet Playhouse?

    We are a trusted premium preschool with over 20 years of experience. In 2021, we are pleased to announce an enhanced curriculum framework. The core pedagogy of our enhanced curriculum framework is based on a popular concept by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck called the “Growth Mindset” – the belief that a child’s skills and qualities can be cultivated through effort and perseverance. Through the array of fun and exciting activities at our centres, this mindset will be instilled and reinforced in every Alphabet Playhouse child!

    Apart from the Growth Mindset, our curriculum framework also includes a bilingual Integrated Programme called World AdventurerTM, where children explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects and stories, alongside numerous signature programmes!

    Professional Development of Teachers

    In 2020, Alphabet Playhouse launched a revamped professional development programme for its preschool teachers. The revamped programme, RosetteTM seeks to map out clear career progression pathways and boost the knowledge and skills of preschool educators.

    In line with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)’s announcement to review preschool teachers’ professional development, this initiative supports our belief that alongside our unique holistic programme, our preschool educators play an important role. At Alphabet Playhouse, our teachers will need to lead children, unleash their potential and grow their courage, confidence, creativity, joy for learning and resilience.

    Quality Preschool For 18 Months To 6 Years Old

    Renowned for its unique adventurous concept, Alphabet Playhouse offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old; in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels. Our bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of the child’s development, facilitating the transition to primary school.

    Growth Mindset Framework

    Alphabet Playhouse’s holistic curriculum is based on the Growth Mindset Framework, giving focus to Sports, Music and Nature to empower your child’s learning through an array of fun and exciting activities. Children with Growth Mindset believe that intelligence can be nurtured and those with this mindset tend to work harder because they know they can improve themselves.

    Bilingual Integrated Programme

    To nurture our students with a well-balanced curriculum, our curated bilingual integrated programme, World AdventurerTM allows our students to explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects and stories, alongside numerous signature programmes such as Star Literacy (English), Math Whiz (Mathematics), Little Lotus (Mandarin) and Ready, Set, Grow! (Sports).

    Through our complete & interesting curriculum, it provides children a fun way of learning Languages, Numeracy, Science and the Arts. It cultivates students’ social, emotional and cognitive development during their formative years and lays the groundwork for on-going success in Primary school education and lifelong learning!


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    Chinese Language Lesson

    Our Little LotusTM programme makes Mandarin lessons fun and exciting for every child. Lessons are activity-based with lots of movement and songs. Using the Cajon drum, students learn Chinese in an innovative way through the pounding of the drum to develop the child’s coordination and stimulate brain function. We aim to make children develop a love and appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

    Japanese Language Lesson

    We provide the best trilingual environment for our Japanese students living in Singapore. Complimentary Japanese classes, conducted by an experienced native Japanese teacher, are held twice a week.

    Sports & Outdoor Activities

    Alphabet Playhouse preschool is certainly a wonder and a dream come true for every child. Little ones laugh in delight as they frolic and play in a vast area filled with a multitude of slides, climbing walls, monkey bars and more. They scoop, dig, pour and sift in the covered sandpit and then go splashing in the cool outdoor pool for some exciting water play.

    The great outdoors is where the magic of learning truly happens as they explore and discover the abundant and lush flora that grows all around the school. With such a huge play area, the little tots are spoilt for choice as they choose their favourite mode of conveyance, from tricycles to kick-scooters, and zoom around exploring with their friends.

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    Hear What Our Happy Parents Say


    “We would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Renee and Yang Laoshi for being such wonderful teachers to our twin boys, Charlie and Henry.

    Both teachers have made our two boys’ time at Alphabet Playhouse really enjoyable. Thanks to the teachers, the boys were introduced to music and art, both of which are strong interests of our kids today. And at times, when they were crying when entering school, Yang Laoshi was concerned and found ways to empathise with them and calm them down.

    Thanks to Miss Lily as well – she has showered our boys with so much love and we’re incredibly grateful for her.

    Lastly, Miss Zhen has been great at coordinating and managing everything else!

    Thank you Alphabet Playhouse!”

    – Marcus & Marie, parents of Charlie and Henry, East Coast 


    “Without each and every one of you, Zachary would not be able to turn from a cry baby to an independent boy! All of you definitely made a difference in his life! Thank you!”

    – Choo See Yin, parent of Zachary Teh, East Coast 


    “Dear Teachers, only with your help, patience and daily perseverance can we turn these little souls, into capable individuals with a value system strong enough to sustain them for the great challenges that lie ahead of all of us. Thank you for your continued support!”

    – Ayako and Alex, parents to Matias and Stefan Parev, East Coast 


    “It is encouraging to see the same faces over time – how nice for the children that they can be surrounded by familiar, friendly faces. I am impressed by their genuine care for the kids and by their familiarity with each individual child. I feel very good about our child being cared for and taught at Alphabet Playhouse. The teachers make a strong, positive impression on Quentin because at home his favourite imaginative play is being a teacher. He imitates the encouraging words he hears from his teachers, such as, “Now you join in!””

    – Catherine Law, parent of Quentin Law, Alphabet Playhouse @ Somerset 


    “My child tells us every day at home that he has fun with his teachers at school. We think they always take care of him and us and we can leave him with confidence.”

    – Kanae Yamashita, parent of Tomoki Yamashita, Alphabet Playhouse @ Somerset 


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    • Reduce travelling time and enjoy a Live Virtual Tour of our facilities and learning spaces.

    • Find out about the fees, subsidies and secure the Enrolment Promotions.

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