Outdoor Play

The large outdoor area of Alphabet
Playhouse provides the perfect site for
adventure and discovery as children
utilize their mental and physical
coordination to make their way through
countless of our outdoor playgrounds


This exciting sport can trigger a child’s
innate need for adventure as they
manoeuvre on tricky skates, grasping and
learning the techniques of balance and
movement with the help of enthusiastic and
encouraging teachers.


Not only does this sport promote fitness
and agility, it also hones the social skills
of children as they learn to play and
work together in different teams.

Water Play

A refreshing activity perfect for the
warm weather, water play allows
children to explore a whole new level of
sensory experiences. Who says fun and
exercise cannot go together?

Sand Play

Sand play boosts the creativity of every
child, stretching their imagination as
they mould the perfect sculpture of
their dreams. It promotes hand and eye
coordination, as well as teamwork,
when children communicate among
themselves about what they are going
to build.


With the guidance of our dedicated
mentors, this fun and healthy sport can
strengthen your child’s muscles and
improve their sense of balance and

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